Project Address: 4001 S. Willow Street, Seattle, WA

Project Size: 8-stories with ground floor retail at the corner of Willow and MLK Jr. Way South

Number of Apartment Units:  Approximately 196 units

Out of the approximate 196 apartments, 75-percent will be priced to accommodate renters earning $60,000 annually, or 80-percent of the Area Median Income.  The remaining 25-percent of the units will be designated for renters earning $53,000, or 70-percent of Area Median Income.

Other Features:  The project will include live-work units along Willow Street with setbacks for private gardens with sunny exposure on the south side of the proposed building.  The project team is also exploring in-unit work from home nooks in each apartment, as well as co-working amenities in the building.

Applicant: O.Z. Navigator

Project Number: 002572-21PA

Contact Information: Contact form on this website

Type of Building: Mixed-Use